Harvest Interns was a great decision because it helped me prioritize and organize my life.  I was not only taught how a real and intimate relationship with Jesus is foundational key to a successful Christian life, but I experience it. I have now have vision for my life, short and long term goals, a more precious relationship with Jesus, and have doctrine to back my lifestyle.” – Travis Scranton, graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies in 2011.

“I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to go to Harvest Interns! The balance of study and discipleship truly changed me and helped my character grow right along with my doctrinal understanding. I learned invaluable lessons about teamwork, loyalty, and communication. I learned how to navigate challenging leadership situations. But most of all I learned how to lean on the Lord and keep going when challenges were too much for me. The training I received in Harvest Interns gave me confidence in teaching, discipling, and counseling, as well as working on teams in a variety of ministry situations.” – Jennifer Fox, Graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Biblical Studies in 2010.