Q: How much time will Harvest Interns require?
A: As an intern, you will need to be completely committed to learning and growing through Harvest Church’s Passport classes and small groups, as well as other ministry needs within Harvest Church. This is a beautiful exposure to ministry, helping to develop yourself into the leader God wants and can use in any area of your life.

Q: What will the weekly schedule be?

Q: Do you have dormitory or host homes?
A: We do not have a dormitory (yet) but we will work with any student with housing needs. Our desire is to help them find housing which will best suit their needs.

Q: Would the education I receive be beneficial to me if I do not plan to serve in full time ministry?
A: The training you will receive is foundational for proper equipping in all God has for your life! Whatever path you choose, whether it is full-time ministry, marketplace, or another; the leadership, character, and Bible education you receive will enable you to become all that God has called you to be no matter which direction you go.

Q: Is Harvest Interns accredited to grant degrees?

A: In previous years, Harvest Interns has partnered with Logos University in order to grant degrees. Logos University is not federally accredited, but they are peer authorized to grant degrees. This year, however, we have made the decision to move forward on our own. Our goal in doing this is to make it easier for students to attend the internship. Our alumni have not been able to transfer most of their credits to other schools, even Christian institutions. And we feel that it is in the best interest of our school and future interns to move in this direction.